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Narrowboat engineer



Gas Safety Certificates

We specialise in inspecting and testing LPG and electrical systems on narrowboats, widebeams and GRP cruisers, certifying installations where appropriate. Often customers come to us to find and rectify faults but we also receive calls relating to work resulting from Boat Safety Scheme non-compliances or the fact that your boat may be residential and require appropriate testing and certification, as many BSS examiners are not Gas Safe registered.

Gas safety inspection and tightness testing, including landlord/homeowner certificates as required.


Installation, Servicing, Repairs

Boats often work in a harsher environment than a home made of bricks and mortar.  Vibration and corrosion are both likely to increase wear and tear on pipework and electrical systems, leading to issues from time to time, even if the original install was done correctly.  Prevention of electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning and fire are reasons for remaining observant and contacting an experienced professional, should you suspect any part of the gas or electrical installation of your roving home.

Install, service, repair Morco, Paloma, Forcali gas water heaters.

Supply and fitting of Alde Bubble Testers, gas isolation valves and test points

If you are looking for Boat Safety examiners, we can offer recommendations. 


Installation, Servicing, Repairs

Webasto ThermotopC and Thermo 90; Eberspacher airtronic and hydronic diesel heaters can often be repaired if they stop working or begin to malfunction.  If your heater starts to run intermittently or becomes noisy it can be an indication of a variety of water, electrical or diesel issues, eventually leading to the heater going to lock down.  We can supply and fit new diesel heaters but can also remove, strip down and recommission faulty heaters, providing a 12 month warranty.

230V AC 48, 24, 12V DC

including Solar & Wind

In recognition that everyone's home is different, our experience includes work on 12, 24 and 48V DC Extra-Low Voltage systems as well as 230VAC and even 400V 3 phase systems.


As part of solar and wind installations, we have installed and serviced Victron inverter chargers, MPPT  solar chargers and deep cycle battery banks and back up generators on a variety of boats and RV's. Whether it is a small PV panel to maintain your start battery or a larger installation to reduce your need to run your engine.

Boat Safety Inspection

Licensed Boat Safety Examiner

Tom's years of hands-on experience in the marine industry have provided him with a deep understanding of boats and their intricate systems. Whether you own a narrowboat, GRP Cruiser, or any other water vessel, Tom's expertise covers a range of boat types. 


As a licensed and certified Boat Safety Examiner, Tom adheres to the highest industry standards. His certifications reflect his proficiency in inspecting, evaluating, and certifying boats for safety compliance. Comprehensive safety checks leave no stone unturned, ensuring that your boat meets all the necessary safety requirements and regulations. From fire safety equipment to gas installations and ventilation, Tom ensures that every aspect is thoroughly examined and up to standard. 


Our Boat Safety Examination Services:


  • Boat Safety Certificate (BSC): If you are a boat owner looking to obtain or renew your Boat Safety Certificate, Tom is here to assist you throughout the process. He will conduct a thorough inspection and issue the certificate upon successful completion.


  • Pre-Purchase Surveys: Planning to buy a new boat? Tom's pre-purchase safety surveys offer a comprehensive assessment of the vessel's condition, identifying any potential safety issues, and helping you make an informed decision.


  • Post-Repairs Inspection: After significant repairs or modifications, it is essential to ensure that your boat complies with safety regulations. Tom's post-repairs inspection guarantees that your boat is ready to hit the water safely.


  • Consultations: Have questions about boat safety regulations or general safety concerns? Tom provides expert consultations to address any inquiries you may have.


  • Gas Safety: As a Gas Safe engineer for LPG and boats, Tom can provide just a gas safety check, if you wish.

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